The Inspiration

Many of Mary Ann’s creations begin in nature. She brings the colors, textures, and vibrations she is experiencing along her journey to life in her vibrational wall hangings.

This is completed through a variety of media and her intuitivly guided vision. Not all are used in every piece but many are consistently integrated to create the Inspirational Wall Hangings she has become known for.

The Photos:
The beauty and aroma of an extraordinary orchid are the inspiration for this adjacent wall hanging. A photo is was then taken of the orchid developed into an artistic image. This image will now be printed onto specially selected fabric.

The Fabrics:
Mary Ann spends much time in unlikely places looking for fabrics that will capture the essence of the project she is being guided to build. Farmers markets, crafts stores, and unique fabric shops. All hanging are created with New, High Quality, 100% Cotton.

Her fabrics are not bought in bulk and selected for the individual project at hand.

The Embellishments / Crystals:
Many of her wall hanging are embellished with stone, crystals, or tokens that enhance the healing vibration that is being held while Mary Ann creates each piece. She is guided to create a certain vibration with each piece, i.e. healing, peace, comfort, or love and tediously selects the best embellishment to complement and enhance the effect.[/vc_column_text]