About Mary Ann

Mary Ann PickardMary Ann is a fiber artist who opened her own business, “Awakened Fibers”, in early 2013.  During a period of spiritual awakening, she wondered what it would look like to follow her heart, find her path or bliss.

The answer was tied to her lifelong love of color, texture and fabric (upholstery was her father’s career).  During a yoga class,  she learned about the ancient Chakra system with its associated color energies and suddenly she could see how to put her talents to use.  Friends and family (including her grown children) started seeing her spiritual growth unfold on fabric art pieces.  Soon, people involved in yoga, meditation, energy healing and metaphysical studies wanted pieces of her work.  By the end of 2012, she had written a long list of possible business names.  The dictionary offered a few alternatives until she found a quote by Oscar Wilde under fiber: “stirred the deeper fibers of my nature”.   Awakened Fibers was born!

Now a small town girl from Maine is working full time and traveling to fairs and festivals to inspire other people to awaken!